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Kentucky 2010-18
Purdue 2018-18
Mizzou 2010-18
Indiana 2010-18
Notre Dame 2010-18
Kansas 2010-18
SLU Womens Basketball 2010-2018
Comparison of SLU Womens Basketball player performance for all games 2010 to 2018, during which the player played 2 or more minutes (no garbage timers). Min 100 minutes across all games (no temps). Players returning for 2018-19 season in Bold.
Any hope for Cullen Van Leer?
I wanted to know if there was any precedent for a Mizzou player being as unproductive as CVL to start his career, then ultimately turning it on to become productive. Results were mixed. Most don't make it to average.
Is there any hope for Cullen VanLeer?
Wanted to see if there is any precedent for bad Mizzou players improving substantially after their 1,467. Verdict: CVL has half a chance to be above average.
2010-17 SLU Women's Basketball
Ranking SLU Women's Basketball players for the seasons 2010-17 by Average Game Score per minute.
SLU Basketball 2011-2017
SLU Basketball 2011-2017
Carlos Martinez vs Jon Lester - 0-2 pitch locations - 2016 season - Catcher POV
Carlos is likely to elevate against Righties. Lester is looking to go down down down and away to Lefties.
U of Michigan 2010-17
Before the Michigan - Oregon matchup in the sweet 16 of the NCAAs in 2017.
Welcome to Missouri, Coach Martin
Cuonzo Martin signs a 7-year, $21 million deal to coach Missouri
Missouri Tigers 1999-2017
Avg Game Score per Minute for Missouri Tigers 1999-2017, minimum 200 total mp.
South Florida Bulls 2010-17
Brian Gregory players 2011-16
Dayton (2011) and Georgia Tech players (2012-16) under Brian Gregory, new coach of the South Florida Bulls
Game 2 starters locations on 0-2
Game 2 starters Jake Arrieta and Trevor Bauer locations for 0-2 pitches thrown this season. Catcher POV
Game 2 starters locations on 3-0
World Series game 2 starters Jake Arrieta and Trevor Bauer location map for all 3-0 pitches thrown this season. Catcher POV.
WS Game 1 Starters: 0-2 locations
Jon Lester vs Corey Kluber
0-2 Pitches for today's starters: Chad Kuhl (Pirates) vs Michael Wacha (Cardinals)
Catcher POV of all 0-2 pitches this year (thru Sept)
0-2 Pitches
0-2 pitch locations for tonight's starters: Jaime Garcia STL and Junior Guerra MIL