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SwiftKey Corpus Exploratory Analysis (version 1)
Exploratory analysis of the SwitfKey corpus for the Coursera Data Science Specialization Capstone Project.
Practical introduction to R
Slides for practical workshop in Girona
Word prediction exploratory report
This document summarises the initial experiments and tries to find the best track to achieve our goal: creating a word prediction application.
Coursera Data Science Capstone Progress Report
Confidence Interval & p-value
Capstone Milestone Report
This document represents exploratory analysis on the JHU Data Science capstone project on Coursera.
Estabilidade ultimo
Cochran's theorem for various parent distributions
Shows the CLT & Cochran's theorem expected distributions for the sample means and the variance of the sample means from three parent distributions - exponential, uniform and normal.
Data Science Capstone: Milestone
Around the world, people are spending an increasing amount of time on their mobile devices for email, social networking, banking and a whole range of other activities. But typing on mobile devices can be a serious pain. This Capstone Project involves using english Blogs, News and Twitter data sets to build text models and predict the next word in an incomplete phrase. First part of the project is to explore the data sets identifying major features and summarize the plans for creating the prediction algorithm.
Text Mining Project