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CapStone Project Presentation
This is an exploratory analysis of text data obtained from HC Corpora. The final goal is to create a language model that can predict the next word given an input phrase with multiple words.
Super Quick Exploratory Stuff
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HW #13 Computer Intensive Statistics in Ecology
Method/skill involved: Maximum likelihood, growth models, model selection, AIC, model averaging
Health Insurance Coverage Rates Before And After The Affordable Care Act
How has the Affordable Care Act affected the citizens of the United States of America
This file goes through all the layer categories
Just the shortlisted variables, with the full set in the other file
Concrete Strength Modeling using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
Using ANN to model the concrete strength. packages used include neuralnet and NeuralNetTools.
Analysis of Adelaide CBD Air Quality
An analysis of Adelaide CBD Air quality data.