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Voronoi Leaflet Hover Labels
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WF ED 540 week1
MRI 9-3-15
ED Visits
Class #1 - WFED 540
Baltimore Emissions Analysis
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Automatic and manual transmissions and fuel efficiency
We want to use the R data set named “mtcars” to investigate if there a difference in miles per gallon (mpg) fuel efficiency between automatic and manual transmissions. Details about the data set can be found in the appendix. In the analysis below we determine that there is a clear effect on MPG between automatic and manual transmissions. We need to prove it statistically and quantify exactly how much.
Analyzing Steps per Day
Examining Tooth Growth Data in R
One of the standard learning data sets included in R is the “ToothGrowth” data set. The tooth growth data set is the length of the odontoblasts (teeth) in each of 10 guinea pigs at three Vitamin C dosage levels (0.5, 1, and 2 mg) with two delivery methods (orange juice or ascorbic acid).