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Peer Assessment 2
Reproducible Research - Peer Assessment 2
Storm data analysis
Analysis of storm data to show what types of weather events cause the largest impact on human health and the U.S. economy. This analysis was completed as part of Assignment 2 for the Reproducible Research course on Coursera.
Economic and Human Cost of Severe Weather in the US
Coursera Peer Assessment - Assignment #2
Investigation into Damages Caused by Natural Disasters
Submission for Reproducible Research PA #2
Severe Weather Events in the United States
Work for the course Reproducible Research, part of the JHU Data Science Specialization.
Analysis of the storm data from the NOAA Satellite and Information Service
Quality of Education, SES and School Type in Chile
The SIMCE test was created in 1988 to measure the quality of education in Chile. However, if we look carefully the results, we can see that there are no significant differences between public and private schools, being the Socioeconomic Status the only factor that explains SIMCE scores.
fractional factorial designs
PeerAssessment2 - Severe Weather Events
Summary and data analysis of severe weather events in the US for the purpose of evaluating harm to population health and economic consequences.
Storm Database Analysis
Weather events with most significant impact in terms of fatalities, injuries and economic costs in US from 1950 to 2011