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Word Suggestion Presentation
NLP project N-gram word suggestion
R에서 통계분석기법을 이용한 가설 검정
R을 통해 기술 통계와 추론 통계을 실행하기 위해 t 검정, 상관분석을 실행해 봅시다
Mtcars tiny slides
Project assignment in Data products class
November 24th, 2017
NOAA Storm Database - Analysis: Severe weather events
Analyse the impact that different type of Climate events have in the health and economics in the USA. Data from NOAA storm data base is used for the analysis. For the Health analysis, the objective is to identify which events are the most harmful. For the economical impact, validate which climate events have caused the most expensive losses in Properties and in Crops.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning final project
Presentation Manuscript
RDA plot 24Nov17