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Mongolian well map
Mongolia EITI Report 2017 (Water Data)
Visualizing Water Data from the Mongolia 12th EITI Reconcilation Report 2017
Seattle Pets: Explained
This small project is a part of a weekly #TidyTuesday challenge. This time I will explore ... Seattle pets.
Police Traffic Stops in Albany, New York
I decided to analyze information about traffic stops by police in Albany, NY, because I lived in New York State before and was just curious about situation there. Albany data contains 10328 police stops of Albany drivers between December 2007 and December 2017.
The gap between salaries of male and females chief executives increases
The gap between salaries of male and female chief executives increased from 30K to almost 40K in 2013-2016
Blog Post
Five ways Nigeria can realize mobile technology’s potential for the unbanked