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Resume Analysis - Partha Majumdar
This document has been created with a program for Emotion Analysis. The program can conduct analysis on any text input. This specific version is prepared for HR Department for analysing candidate resumes during thee screening process.
Emotion Analysis - v1
This document contains the complete code for Emotion Analysis of Jane Austen's book Emma.
Sentiment Analysis - v1
This document is the complete program for Sentiment Analysis of one of Jane Austen's book.
Word Cloud of Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis of the Book "Sense and Sensibilities" by Jane Austen
Next Word Predictor
This presentation is part of the submission for the Capstone Project for the Data Science Specialisation offered by Johns Hopkins University through Coursera.
Milestone Report for Capstone Project
Project - Presentation using RStudio Presenter - Son's Height Predictor
This presentation is created using RStudio Presenter as a part of the Project for the Data Products module of the Data Science Specialisation Course through Coursera.
Lifestyle Analysis
Storm Data Analysis
This analysis is a part of the Project Work for the course "Reproducible Research" which is a part of the "Data Sciences" Specialisation offered through Coursera.