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IBD comparison
Fitting animal models that include between breed mean differences and heterosis
This is a test run for Andres' paper
Example bivariate gblup analyses using gwaR
This page shows examples of bivariate gblup analyses using gwaR mixed model package. It requires a number of external functions that will soon be available in the gwaR package.
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Second pass of carcass phenotype analyses
Carcass weight phenotype EDA
A quick and dirty check of Carcass and weight data from our behavioral genetics project
RNAseq analysis example
class 6 GWA using RRBLUP
Genomic prediction model: GBLUP
Lab 4b - Genomic prediction
Lab 3 - Self Assessment activity
This activity is part of Lab 3 and it will be graded
Some extra activities for those who finished lab 3 before the rest of the class.
Lab 3 - alternative activity
This is an alternative activity for students in ANS 824 Instead of programming a function they can interpret the code provided here.