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R Experience - Overview
This is an overview of the experience gained writing code in R since starting to learn R in August 2017. It includes total lines written, total lines written for the Northeastern Data Analytics cert., all pkgs used, and a list of all the functions used and the # of times used.
PPUA5302 - Project 2
The Project 2 Rmd
Evan Parker Analysis
This is the Statistical Analysis for Evan Parker's "Food Choices, Sustainability, and Human Health" Project
DA5020: Holsenbeck_S_Final - Congruent Connections Faculty Data Scraper
Welcome to the Congruent Connections faculty data scraper and DA 5020 Final Project for Stephen Holsenbeck. This page provides the in-depth documentation and write-up for how each modular function in the scraper works. In the navigation menu above, the Shiny Apps dropdown menu will take you to the Shiny App deployments on The Shiny Apps will allow you to browse professors in the data set by wordclouds, or to search the dataset by your interests, and return professor’s information whom match your interests. This data is searchable and downloadable. Note: The code and apps were tested on Windows 10 home running Chrome browser maximized to the screen, and the page coding is optimized for viewing in a maximized browser window on a desktop (though it uses bootstrap fluid formatting, so it can be viewed on smaller screens, though not optimally.)
PPUA 5301 - Homework 12
Ridge, Elastic Net, and Lasso regression v Linear Regression Simple Vector Machines (SVM) v Logistic Regression Dataset on student performance
PPUA5301 - Homework 11
This homework covers Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis, KMeans Cluster Analysis and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis.
PPUA5301 - Homework 10
Multiple Linear Regression: Interaction Terms, Quadratic terms Binomial (logit) regression and prediction
PPUA5301 - Homework 8_9
Multiple Linear Regression, Quadratic and Interaction terms, Spurious and Chained, F-Test for Nested Models
PPUA5301 - Midterm
Review of Function Writing, Probability, Graphing, Hypothesis Testing, Chi-Squared, F-Test
PPUA 5301 - Homework 7
This is Homework 7 on Covariation, Correlation, Bivariate Regression and a t-test of the correlation.
PPUA 5301 - Homework 6
Chi Squared and ANOVA Tests in R
PPUA 5301 - ANOVA & Chi Squared Test
Procedural notes for how to perform ANOVA & Chi Squared test.
PPUA 5301 - Homework 5
Intro to computational Statistics, Homework 5, Question 4 uses some interesting data from the GSS
PPUA 5301 - Homework 4
Intro to Computational Statistics Homework 4
PPUA 5301 - Homework 3
Intro to Computational Statistics - Homework 3
PPUA 5301 - Homework 2
Homework 2 for PPUA 5301
PPUA5301 - Homework 1
This is homework 1 for PPUA 5301.