Alan Noel

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DATA 606 Week 5 Assignment
Analysis of Israeli COVID Vaccination Data from August 2021
DATA 607 Week 4 - Project 1
Convert Chess Tournament Results in Text File to CSV With Transformation
DATA 607 Week 3 - Character Manipulation
Uses various techniques to manipulate characters.
DATA 607 Week 2 - SQL and R
This assignment was to create data in a DBMS, in this case MySQL, and get that data over into R for Analysis. The data is in regards to movie reviews of recent popular movies.
CUNY SPS DATA 607 Week 1 Assignment
This data is from the fivethirtyeight web site and documents police killings in the United states for the year 2015. It is the data behind the fivethirtyeight story “Where Police Have Killed Americans in 2015”. The data set was pulled together using data collected by the Guardian newspaper of the UK and from the US Census. My purpose in using this data set was to investigate how many blacks and black males are the victims. Are the amounts disproportionate?
CUNY SPS MSDS 21 - R Bridge Final Project
Analysis of drug data used to treat leprosy. Pulls down CSV file from GitHub and then determines if drugs seemed to be effective.
CUNY SPS MSDS 21 - R Bridge - Week 02 Assignment
Learning exercise using a CSV file containing data regarding Economics Journals Subscriptions.
CUNY SPS MSDS 21 R Bridge Week 1
Solution to three problems in week 1 assignment in CUNY SPS MSDS 21 R Bridge course.