Kory Becker

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Analysis of Game Playing Heuristics for Isolation
This report includes an analysis of several advanced search techniques and heuristics for building an artificial intelligence game playing agent for Isolation. The performance of each heuristic is detailed, including the resulting win ratio, performance metrics, and an analysis against Minimax algorithm search depth. Finally, we summarize the most effective heuristics from the selected algorithms.
AI Heuristic Analysis of a Forward Planning Agent
Artificial Intelligence planning is the process of determining an optimal plan of actions in order to achieve a goal state. This report includes a heuristic analysis of the search complexity as a function of domain size, search time, algorithm, and heuristic for Air Cargo Planning.
Quantum Tunneling Probability for Transistors
An analysis of the probabilities of quantum tunneling to occur at various transistor semiconductor barrier sizes.
The Effects of Biotin on Hair
Analysis of the effects of biotin on hair, including a time-series forecast and prediction model of future data.
Analysis of the Near Earth Object Asteroid Dataset
An analysis of the NASA Near Earth Object database, with specific highlight of the October 31, 2015 asteroid, 2015 TB145.
Predicting Proper Exercise Technique During Weight-Lifting Routines
This report analyzes both proper and in-proper weight-lifting routines. By analyzing an initial training set, we can predict proper versus improper weight-lifting technique with an overall accuracy of 99%.
Automotive Analysis of Transmission vs MPG
This report analyzes the relationship between mpg and type of transmission for automobiles.
Analysis of Harmful Weather Events and Their Economic Impact From 1993 to 2011
This report analyzes the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) storm database to determine the top most harmful severe weather events, to both population and economy, over time.