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South Australian Dive Sites
R-Markdown-and-Leaflet-Assignment R Data Products: Week 2 Assignment. Simply click the a circle for the name of the Dive Site and it's maximum depth. Green circle sites - Open Water certified divers. Orange circle sites - Advanced certified divers only. Circle Radius approximates depth of the dive, i.e. the larger the circle radius the deeper the dive.
Titanic Survival Predictor Slides
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Impact of Severe Weather Events (USA)
This document was completed entirely in a single R markdown document and transformed into a HTML document using Knitr, a tool to create reproducible documents from R coding. The project proved a great exercise in collecting, cleaning, processing and analysing raw data using R. The project was completed as part of the “Reproducible Research” certificate (part of the Johns Hopkins University Data Specialisation). Impact of Severe Weather Events (USA). Storms and other severe weather events can cause both public health and economic problems resulting in fatalities, injuries and property damage. Preventing or at least reducing the impact of such outcomes to the extent possible is a key concern. This project uses R to explore the NOAA storm database (U.S National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administrations) to answer the following questions. 1) Which types of events are most harmful with respect to population health across the U.S. 2) Which types of events have the greatest economic consequences across the U.S. This report may give some insight for government/social agencies when preparing for severe weather events and prioritising resources with respect to severe weather events in the future.
US Severe Weather Events Assessment 2
Reproducible Research: Peer Assessment 2
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