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sjp.lm {sjPlot}
This document shows examples for using the sjp.lm function, the sjp.lm.ma function as well as the sjp.reglin function of the sjPlot package.
Answers to problem set 1. Econ 472
PA2- Storm Data
Coursera: Reproducible Research Peer Assessment 2: Storm Data
STAT 662: Homework 1 The Python Challenge
EPBI 431 Survey A script and results - first markdown file, discussed at Class C
dplyr package exercise: in Indonesia language
This tutorial replicates Kevin Markham tutorial (http://rpubs.com/justmarkham/dplyr-tutorial) in Indonesia language.
Squash Romandie - Season 2013-2014
Data analysis and insights for the Squash Romandie results over the 2013-2014 season.
Data Science - Reproducible Research - Peer Assessment Project 2 - Storm Event Health and Economic Impact Analysis
Severe Weather
An analysis of the impacts of severe weather on population health as well as damage to property and to crops.
Lab 1 for STATS 457
Lab 1
problema 12