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Quantified Self - AT2
Data 605: Assignment 15
Problem 1
Write a program that for a given customer_id shows the distribution of purchases made by that customer over different days of the week.
Plot Ottawa Ontario Canada mean temperature
This plot shows the mean temperatures for Ottawa Canada, as obtained from the Central Experimental Farm weather station, for the period between 1900 and 2018. The purple regression line (and standard error bands) were computed with the loess method, which does a better job of tracking cyclical patterns than linear regression. The red line shows the linear regression for the entire 118 year period. That period is then broken up into 1900-1942, 1943-1999 and 2000-2018 with separate linear regressions (in blue) for each period -- illustrating the fact that unlike what the red regression line suggests, temperatures were declining in the first half of last century, then trended upward in the last half, but are now trending downward in this century.
TAREA 3 Laura
La data elegida para la sesión 3, corresponde a datos de salud relacionada a exposición a plaguicidas. La data tiene 249 observaciones y 11 variables, contiene variables numéricas (edad, altura, semanas) y caracter (variables geográficas, sexo, region geográfica), cuenta con pocos datos incompletos solo en dos variables con 2 registros en blanco **#Principales datos** Los principales datos en la base son la edad, sexo y procedencia **#Análisis descriptivo** Existen 150 hombres y 99 mujeres, edad: minimo 1 año y máximo 73 años la media 28,06 y la medina 25 años, con una desciación estandar16,81 > summary(dato_plag2$EDAD) Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max. 1.00 18.00 25.00 28.06 37.00 73.00
Quantified Self - AT2
Test Test
NOAA Storm Data Analysis : Coursera Assignment
The goal of this assignment is to analyze the NOAA Storm Database and answer the relevant questions about severe weather events. The database start in the year 1950 and end in November 2011.