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Report 28082015
Report 28082015
HC Forum talk
How Network analysis and Text analysis, two 'Big Data' approaches, inform the structure and function of universities and liberal arts colleges
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Näited ANOVA kasutamisest psühholoogia uuringutes. näited on võetud lehelt - http://personality-project.org/r/
Predicting MPG of Automatic Vs Manual Transmission Cars (Multivariate Regression)
This report describes the usage of Linear and Multivariate Regression to predict the MPG (Miles Per Gallon) of Automatic Vs Manual Transmission vehicles. This report was made as an assignment for the coursera Regression Models course.
Central Limit Theorem, Explanatory Project
This report explains the Central Limit Theorem in practice. This report was made as an assignment of the coursera Statistical Inference course.