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Analysis for harmful and greatest economic consequence events from NOAA storm database
Storm and other natural calamities always causes a great level of distruction and economic loss for any country. Though materialistic loss one can recover over a period of time but human life is more precious than anything. Since these calamities are not avoidable even if we predict it in advance but we can always save many life’s with appropiate pre-cautions. This preliminary analysis of U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) storm database data is about answering the below questions: 1.Across the United States, which types of events (as indicated in the EVTYPE variable) are most harmful with respect to population health ? 2.Across the United States, which types of events have the greatest economic consequences ?
Simple Self-Learning Words Prediction
DS capstone project representation
Word Prediction
Word prediction presentation for Data Science Specialization capstone project.
Data Analysis for Practical Machine Learning
This paper has been made for the Practical Machine Learning course on Coursera