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Titanic Survival Part 1: Exploratory Data Analysis
The first of two parts in participating in the Kaggle Titanic Competition, this part consists of Exploratory Data Analysis in R. The second part consists of building and evaulating machine-learning models in Python, and submitting predictions for the test set.
2-year weekly beta of the S&P 500, with respect to the VIX.
2-year weekly beta of the Dow Jones, with respect to the VIX.
2-year weekly beta of the Russell 2000, with respect to the VIX.
Reproducible Research - Peer-graded Assignment 1
This assignment makes use of data from a personal activity monitoring device. This device collects data at 5 minute intervals through out the day. The data consists of two months of data from an anonymous individual collected during the months of October and November, 2012 and include the number of steps taken in 5 minute intervals each day.
Data612 Final Project
ANLY 512 Lab 2 - Siya Wang
Tree map
2-year weekly beta of EW, with respect to the S&P 500.