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CUNY Bridge - Final
Final Project for CUNY Bridge course.
Dotaznik sebekontroly
Publish Plot
Coursera Datavis: a comparison of the patterns of crime between San Francisco and Seattle.
Part of the requirements for the week 1 of Coursera's "Communicating Data Science". The code to reproduce this can be found at https://github.com/alexwoolford/coursera-datavis-crime-analytics
Plot Tristimulus Colorimetry Data with Colorspace
How to plot points with colors mapped to their LAB colors
This work is to support Coursera's Mastering Data Analysis in Excel
MakeMyTrip Airlines Analysis
Analysis to identify best and worst airlines: For academic purposes
Oil Maintenance Mileage Wise
It shows the device which is given oil maintenance at more mileage, that device is working efficiently
Transmission Maintenance
No. of Transmission done devicewise in 3 months