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Cars MPG Application
Select car model to get its millage per gallon (MPG)
A R Function for Interval Estimation of the (Expected) Response Based on a Nonlinear Regression Model
This document describes the nlsint function which is an alternative to predict.nls. Unlike predict.nls it will also compute confidence intervals for the expected response as well as prediction intervals.
Select car model to get its millage per gallon (MPG)
data(tabs) coordinates(tabs) = ~lng1+lat1 zn1 <- as(tabs["average"], "ppp") zn1 plot(zn1) house.kde<-density(zn1, sigma=bw.diggle(zn1)) plot(house.kde) contour(house.de) co <- colourmap(rainbow(100), range=c(0,20)) contour(house.kde, col=co, nlevels=500,axes=TRUE) Dsg <- as(house.kde, "SpatialGridDataFrame") # convert to spatial grid class Dim <- as.image.SpatialGridDataFrame(Dsg) # convert again to an image Dcl <- contourLines(Dim, nlevels = 500) # create contour object - change 8 for more/fewer levels!!!!!!!!!! SLDF <- ContourLines2SLDF(Dcl, CRS(proj4string(Dsg))) # convert to SpatialLinesDataFrame plot(SLDF, col = terrain.colors(500))
Reproducible Research: Peer Assessment 2
To Calculate Volume and Surface Area of Pyramid
ECO5316 - HW2 - Q2