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Statistic with R EDA
EDA and Basic Model Selection
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use Bayesian theme make model and predict the audience_score
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Bayesian Linear Regression
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Linear Regression and modeling
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Presentation for Next Word Prediction shiny app
Milestone shiny app
Presentation for Next Word Prediction shiny app
Milestone final project
Presentation for Next Word Prediction shiny app
Milestone Project
Milestone shiny app RpubsReprestation
Next Word Prediction
Milestone shiny appRpubsReprestation
Next Word Prediction
Next Word Prediction
shiny app Next word Prediction
Next Word Prediction
Next Word Prediction of news, twitter,blogs .
swift_key Project
Final_project report ( Next Word Prediction Shiny App)
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Course_Project-Shiny -Application and Reproducible -Pitch
Diamond Data Analysis Report enabled developing data products using shiny apps being embeded within RMarkDown. Using PageUp and PageDown keys all the slides can be traversed.
Markdown and leaflet assignment
Create a web page using R Markdown that features a map created with Leaflet. I add ( lat=-26.158632, lng= 27.903283, popup="My Laboratory") in addMarkers
Reproducible Research: Peer Assessment 2
This is my first Rpubs documents for assignment. Storms and other severe weather events can cause both public health and economic problems for communities and municipalities.This project involves exploring the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's storm database.