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Lack of fluoride in Berkshire County water negatively impacts public health
Though water fluoridation is generally believed to benefit public health some counties in Massachusetts do not provide fluoridated water including Berkshire. To determine if fluoridation is indeed associated with increased public health, we evaluated whether the number of claims reimbursed for caries-related procedures reported to the Massachusetts Medicaid program. Berkshire County and others with little to no delivery of fluoridated water have significantly higher rates of caries-related procedures than counties providing even as little 20-30% delivery. This result agrees with many other reports showing a protective effect of communal water fluoridation that would increase public health and decrease public health costs.
Water fluoridation in US and Massachusetts counties
This report shows that delivery of fluoridated water varies greatly from state to state and at the county level within the state of Massachusetts. Data also indicates that counties with smaller populations are less likely to have fluoridated water. Currently, we are seeking dental health data to show if fluoridation does indeed provide a significant impact on health in the areas in which it is provided. If so, it is hoped this report can be utilized to convince an increase in fluoridation is warranted.
Increase in expenditures per pupil increases high school graduation rates
From the available selected data, increased funding per student, "Expenditures per pupil", has a strong effect on increased high school graduation rates. This is not surprising and as more data becomes available this report will be amended to illuminate more details on factors affecting graduation rates.
Automobile efficiency factors (exercise)
An exercise evaluating various factors affecting motor efficiency as expressed by miles per gallon usage.