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Tokenization and Exploratory Analysis
How to check word frequencies, what is a gram, and a token? I had no idea of this terminology until I started the Capstone project
Shiny app and reproducible pitch
Just an example of what you can dop with R studio and shiny app
Regression models and data dependance
Here is a little presentation presenting a simple shiny app based on the trees database, where we show how a linear model changes depending on the data included in the analysis.
How the regression model changes with the data
A simple presentation showing the basis for the usage of a shiny app based in the tree dataset included in the R basic package
Seismic activity in Fiji 1964
Analysis of the Depth and magnitude of seismic activities in fiji in 1964
Motor Trend Review
Transmission effect on fuel consumption. Analysis through linear and multivariate regression models
The magic of CTL
NOAA Storm Data analysis
A brief analysis of some of the consequences of the most damaging and dangerous weather events in United Sates
Reproducible Research week 2: Assignement 1
Just my exercise regarding to the coursera course Reproducible Research. Take a look, but if you notice the for loop it is a bit complicated, there are much simpler ways to do what it is required. Feel free to leave your comments!