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UFO Sightings around the world
80,000 records of UFO sightings from around the world
Hate crime press reports
3700 rows of CSV from Google Trend. Headline, date, location, URL. Focus on the recent Charlottesville events
Scarlett Johansson movies
-my take on the 538 analysis of Scarlett Johansson's movies, about clustering movies (unsupervised learning) based on their box office revenues and RottenTomatoes score. -update includes GITS score
Character progression in videogames
qualitative character progression selected videogames. Data are my own progression in Destiny, the Division, D3 and BL2
personal running data
visualization of my runs since July 2016. Data come from [my] TomTom watch : python script to decode the binary format to a csv file, plotting with R
Bob Ross, Joy of Painting
Data analysis/visualization of Bob Ross paintings features. Data from 538
Nobel prizes study
data from Kaggle about Nobel Prizes laureates since 1901.
This dataset is a a collection of measures from a NASA solar flare observatory : `Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI, originally High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager or HESSI)`. It was launched in 2002 and its primary mission is to explore the physics of particle acceleration and energy release in solar flares. model : auto.arima, HoltWinter and exponentional Smoothing
Gender in Comics
This dataset contains information about Marvel and DC characters since ~1939 until 2014 (August 24th). It was used for the 538 study : Comic Books Are Still Made By Men, For Men And About Men.
Tsunamis over years
Kaggle dataset : the dataset represents 2,000 source events from a Tsunami database with information about the geolocations of each event, magnitude of the Tsunami, injuries and damages, from -2000 BC to present.
Satellite's activity
dataset from Kaggle : database is a listing of active satellites currently in orbit around the Earth. The database includes basic information about the satellites and their orbits.
Top 100 countries by Game revenues
Game revenues, as well as population informations, per countries. All data/sources from Newzoo.
Top 25 games companies by games revenues
quaterly revenues since 2013 for the top 25 games companies. Credits/Data to Newzoo (thanks)
VG : data exploration
from a Kaggle's dataset regrouping data from VGChartz (sales) and Metacritic scores. 1)Data exploration 2)modeling sales
VG : Sales prediction
from a Kaggle's dataset regrouping data from VGChartz (sales) and Metacritic scores. I trained a Neural Net to predict the NA sales vs. different features (rating, Genre, platform, ...)
VG : No Man's Sky case
from a kaggle's dataset regrouping VGChartz data (sales) and Metacritic scores
Earth surface data
Some plots/graphs of the Earth Surface data increase for France (data comes from a Kaggle dataset)
StarCraft2 : player profiles (radar charts)
Data from StarCraft2 (Kaggle dataset) : radar charts of players, according to the League they belong (GrandMaster --> Master ... --> Bronze)
StarCraft2 : player's league modeling/prediction
Data from StarCraft 2 (Kaggle dataset_ : this dataset is an aggregate of the screen-fixations from screen movements of StarCraft 2 replay files. The goal is to see whether we can predict the League Index of players based on their attributes (age, number of hours played) and game skills.
StarCraft2 : data analysis/exploration
Data from StarCraft 2 (Kaggle Dataset) : aggregate of the screen-fixations from screen movements of StarCraft 2 replay files
StarCraft2 : analysis of scouting data
data from StarCraft 2 (Kaggle dataset) about scouting informations from Master leagues
running data
[my own] running data analysis
Destiny : user data analysis
Using Bungie API to retrieve my own data, I looked at some variables to analyze the character progression
Destiny : Rise Of Iron ; Twitch data anaylsis
analysis of Twitch # of viewers during the week of Destiny(Rise of Iron DLC) released
data analysis of video games ; pokemon games
data from the pokemon games
data analysis of video games scores
data from Kaggle (source : IGN)
data analysis of video games released titles
data from Kaggle