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CUNY SPS DATA 606 Probability
Graded problems for the Intro to Data chapter of Probability. My answers to the questions are in bold.
CUNY SPS DATA-607 Week 3 Assignment
A little fun with regular expressions.
CUNY SPS DATA-607 Project 1
This project extracts player information from a semi-structured text file.
Hands on Lab 2-3: Combining Data from Multiple Sources
Your task is to create an R dataframe that shows rates of tuberculosis infection by country. You should use the information from the tb database and the attached population.csv file. Your R dataframe should have the following columns: Country, Year, Rate (Where Rate is defined as Cases/Population).
CUNY SPS DATA-607 Week 2 Assignment
Choose six recent popular movies. Ask at least five people that you know (friends, family, classmates, imaginary friends) to rate each of these movie that they have seen on a scale of 1 to 5. Take the results (observations) and store them in a SQL database. Load the information into an R dataframe. The films used in this study were selected by Googling “2018 recent films” and getting the first 6 films listed in the search results.
Introduction to Data
CUNY SPS DATA 606 Intro to Data
Graded problems for the Intro to Data chapter of Open Intro to Statistics. My answers to the questions are bolded.
Introduction to R and RStudio
CUNY SPS DATA-607 Week 1 Assignment
The assignment is to load the Mushroom Dataset from the UCI repository into a data frame, rename the columns into something meaningful, replace the abbreviations used in the data, and subset the columns of the data frame. It must include the column that indicated if the mushroom is edible or poisonous and three or four other columns.
Metro Employment Index
This document explains how the metro employment index is derived. This index is base on the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It is seasonally adjusted using the Loess seasonal decomposition method.
The Economic and Health Consequences of Storms
This analysis was preformed as part of Coursera's Reproducible Research course.