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Linear Regressions
This document contains a review of linear regressions and accompanying R code.
Estimated probability of each response by question and group
Penghitungan "Estimated probability of each response by question and group" dengan RStan
Emisiones Gases En Corrales Lecheros
El conjunto de datos analizado se encuentra disponible en el sitio web USDA, los cuales hacen referencia a un estudio realizado en la granja del Centro de Investigación de Forrajes Lecheros de EE. UU.
Severe weather events and their public health and economic impact in US
This report will explore the public health and economic impact of severe weather events, it will be use data from Storm Data Administration, this data have information about weather events from the years 1950 to 2011, you can see more details of this database here.
Bayesian Inference
This is a exercise to practice the Beyesian Inference. I hope it helps you understand theory a little more
Estimação da Demanda
Estimação da Demanda usando MQO