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Pupil size and intelligence: A large-scale replication study
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Minimal R archived project demo
Corona study results
Robust effect sizes
Immigrant crime in Germany 2012-2015
UV radiation and US counties
Ancient dysgenics?
ANES 2012 wordsum example
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Additional admixture IQ study
More plots from: Racial/Ethnic Standards for Fetal Growth, the NICHD Fetal Growth Studies
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Vietnam regional analysis
Moscow districts analysis
What is a good name? The S factor in Denmark at the name-level
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Are there any effects of active video games on cognitive functioning? a reanalysis of Stanmore et al (2017)
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Indvandring: definitioner, mønstre, forklaringer, socioøkonomiske konsekvenser
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Analyze own personality data
Admixture in Argentina
The effects of excluding students from PISA tests
Visual explanation of the effects of excluding lower scoring students from PISA samples.
Human Accomplishment
Visualizations based on Charles Murray's great book, Human Accomplishment.
Using classical test theory statistics with Jensen’s method
Commentary on Wicherts 2016.
ggplot2 functions in kirkegaard package
Examples of ggplot2 helpers functions in kirkegaard package.
Joining datasets of political units using ISO names
An example of a system for translating names of political units to ISO names, and using them to join datasets.
Optimal string joining
Joining tables based on fuzzy string matches in an optimal way.
Acedemic fields and gender
It has been claimed that gender differences in academic fields results from stereotypes about how difficult the fields are (Leslie, 2015). This is based on the finding that perceptions of brilliance requirement of different fields correlated strongly with the gender distribution. It apparently did not dawn on the people making this claim that the stereotypes were probably very accurate: people who study physics really are smarter than those who study psychology. This knitr visualizes data from a paper by Templer and Tomeo from 2002.
How to add names to choroplethr ggplot2 maps
A brief tutorial for the choroplethr package.
String functions in Kirkegaard package
A showcasing of some string functions in the Kirkegaard package.
Embryo selection and genetic correlated traits
A comment on Gwern's analysis.