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Alif Ailan
Simpson Paradox in econometric model
This is an example from for understanding Simpson's paradox.
Labour Force Survey Data for Pakistan
Simple data wrangling and visualization
Lahore Temprature Min
Ch12 S&W
Time Series Basis
Pakistan Trade Deficit Exploratory Data Analysis
An overview of Balance of Trade
EDA for Calorie Income Data
Mean Minimum Temprature of Lahore 1950-2010
First decade of this century seems hottest.
Temprature on Rise in Lahore 1950-2010
Difference between Mean maximum and Mean Minimum Temprature over the past 60 years indicate that there is decreasing trend between this range. There an indication that mean minimum temperature over time has increased and mean maximum temperature has remained more or less at same level. One uses diurnal range for daily max and minimum temperature for assessing weather conditions. Smaller the diurnal range is, warmer is the weather (if maximum temperature has not shifted downward). For example if Lahore has maximum temperature 44 and minimum 30 degree celcius while Islamabad has maximum 44 while minimum is 20 , Islamabad will have shorter duration of warm weather than Lahore as per my understanding
Line Chart with The Economist and Fivethirtyeight themes
This is a Markdown document with themes used : The Economist and Fivethirty
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Fertility Rate vs Gross National Income
1-Kanal Plots prices over time