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Literacy 200418
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Quiz 190902
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Randomization 190825
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Bayes 195020
Quiz 1905020 : Human Nature
Chosun Field Statistics
Chosun Tax : Province
Media Effects 190515
JTBC 1702
Galton and Pearson
TED 190414
TED 190505
Bortkewitch's Horsekicks
OECD Gini Coefficient
Nightingale Coxcomb Plot
John Snow Cholera Deaths
Smoking and Cancer
Quiz 190501 : Which World?
Nightingale Coxcomb
TED 190428
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BFI MI data 1802
Reading Survey Sample
Red and Black 190226
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Quiz02 Submission Time
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Literacy 201802
Red and Black (180907)
Quiz 170828
Red and Black 180901
Titanic data with ggplot
MW Game 180604
Women and Children First!
Women and Children First!
The Invisible Gorilla 1802
Quiz 180521 (Framing Effects)
Monty Hall Simulation
Quiz 180516 (Human Nature)
Quiz 180516 : Framing Effects
Productivity vs Wages : Data
Quiz 180514 (Anchor Effects)
Food Habits Comparison 180509
Food Habits Plan 180509
Food Habits Survey 180509
Quiz 180502 : Mental Account
Quiz 180430_1
Quiz 180430_1
Quiz 180430_2
Quiz 180416-2
Quiz 180416-1
Quiz 180409
Quiz 170405
Quiz 180404
Quiz 180402
ZeaMays Data
Cushny and Peeble's Data
Quiz 180328
Quiz 180326
JTBC 1702
JTBC News Room 2017-03-14
Quiz 180319
Quiz 180314
Quiz 180312
Reading Survey 180307
Literacy 201801
Changes in Class Roll (180307)
Randomization 180307
Quiz 180305
Anscombe's Quartet
Changes in Class Roll
Randomization Report (180304)
Quiz 170828
Quiz 180227
Randomization Report 180227
MW Game 171129
Invisible Gorilla 171127
How is my lecture? 171106
How is my lecture? 171113
Big Five Personality 201501
Big Five Personality 201502
Food Habit survey 171122
Quiz 171120
Quiz 171115 on Human Nature
Quiz 171115
Quiz 171113
Quiz 171108
Quiz 171106
Quiz 170424
Quiz 171030
Quiz 171101
Quiz 171025
Quiz 171023
Korea Census Data
Korea Map WGS84
Quiz 171011
Quiz 170927
Quiz 170925
Reading Survey 170920
Quiz 170918
Literacy 201702
Quiz 170911 - Bias in order
Randomization 170908
Randomization Results 0901
Randomization Data 0901
Randomization 170829
Bias in Question on THAAD
Quiz 160302 revisited
Randomization 201702
VADeaths tidy and geom_bar
Simbius 2017
Chosun Field
Chosun Tax : Province
Poll JTBC 0216
SBS 170327
MW Game 170531
Invisible Gorilla 201701
Quiz 170524
Quiz 170522
Doorae Class ggplot version
Media Effects 170517
Media Effects 170517
Quiz 170515
Doorae 170515 Report
Quiz 170510
Quiz 170508 - Basic Question
Quiz 170508
Quiz 170503
Quiz 170501
Quiz 170426
Quiz 170424
Quiz 170412
Quiz 170410
Quiz 170313 (Revised)
Quiz 170405
Quiz 170403
SBS poll 1703
Team Allocation : SM201701
Quiz 170327
JTBC 1702 fix
Reading Survey 170308
Reading Survey 170308
Quiz 170322
Quiz 170320
Literacy 201701
Quiz 170315
Quiz 170313 (reduced)
Quiz 170313 (full)
Quiz 170306
Randomization Report 170303
Quiz 170227
Randomization Report(170227)
MW Game 1128
Quiz 160530
Quiz 161123
Quiz 161116
Invisible Gorilla 201602
Invisible Gorilla 201601
Invisible Gorilla 201502
Invisible Gorilla 201101
Invisible Gorilla 201001
Chocolate Experiment 201402
Invisible Gorilla 201402
East vs West 1402
Quiz 161114(1601)
Quiz 161114
Chapter 6 Lab Part II
Chapter 6 Lab Part I
Chapter 6 Class Material
Quiz 161107
Chapter 5 Part II
Chapter 5 Part I
Quiz 161102
Productivity vs Wages : Data
Quiz 161031
Quiz 161026
Quiz 161024
Korean Household Economy 5th
Quiz 161012
Quiz 161010
Chapter 3 Class
Quiz 161005
Chapter 2 Class
Chapter 3 Class
Wilkinson 161004
Wilkinson Data 161004
Wilkinson US Data 161004
Wilkinson US 161004
Quiz 160928
Quiz 160926
Quiz 160921
Reading 160921
Quiz 160919
SM201602 Team
Math Chapter 1 Exercises
Literacy Test 1601
Literacy Test 1602
King Sejong's National Referendum on Tax Reform (ggplot) 160918
mosaic plot ggplot function added
King Sejong's National Referendum on Tax Reform (ggplot)
Windows 7 (CP949) version
Math Chapter 1.2
Tax Korea (2015 included)
Quiz 160907
Quiz 160905
Math Chapter 1
Tax Korea
Quiz 160831
Korean Public Sector Debt
Randomization 160830
Quiz 160829
Productivity vs Wages
OECD Top Income Shares (Korean)
Default Effects
Which World?
Framing Effects
Wason Selection
Monty Hall
Prospect Theory : Loss Aversion
US Top Income Shares up to 2015
Simpson's Paradox
Invisible Gorilla Class 201601
Quiz 160530
Crimtab statistical tests
Crimtab Data ggplot graphics
Crimtab Data Graphics Analysis
Crimtab Graphics
Crimtab Data
East and West 201101
East and West 201001
Food Habits Survey 160525
Quiz 160523
Quiz 160518
Quiz 160516
Part I Chapter 6.3
Quiz 160509
Quiz 160504
OECD Top Income Shares (2012)
Quiz 160502
US top income shares(1%)
Quiz 160427
Case Studies Midterm
Quiz 160418
Quiz 160406 v2
with minor correction
Quiz 160411
Quiz 160406
Quiz 160404
Quiz 160330
Quiz 160328
Randomization 160328
Reading Survey 160323
SE and Coop Quiz 160322
SE and Coop Quiz 160315
Quiz 160321
Graunt and US93 2016 version
Part I Chapter 2.4
Quiz 160316
Scottish Soldiers Chest Data
Quiz 160314
Literacy Test 160309
Randomization 160308
Quiz 160307 revised
Quiz 160302 revised
Class_roll randomization
BMI for rn96 160304
Lab material for R data reading and short analysis
Settle Urban
Settle Project
Invisible Gorilla 201502
Quiz 1125
Quiz 1125 by colleges
Quiz 1116 by colleges
Quiz 1116
Randomization 201502
Quiz 1111
Quiz 1111 by colleges
Chapter 6 Lab Part II
Chapter 6 Lab
Quiz 1109
Colleges compared
Quiz 1109
Chapter 7 Class
Chapter 6 Class
Quiz 1104
Chapter 4 Class
Chapter 5 Class Part II
Chapter 5 Lab Part II
Doorae Data Preparation
Adding labels
Quiz 1028 by college
Quiz 1102 by Colleges
Classification by colleges added.
Household Economy (2011)
Analysed with barplots and ggplot
Quiz 1102
Quiz data on 1102 analyzed
Households Economy
Survey data analyzed with R graphics
Quiz 1028
Quiz data on 1028 analyzed
Quiz 1026
Quiz data on 1026 analyzed
Chapter 5 Class
Class material for Math Foundations
Quiz 1014
Quiz 1014 data are analyzed
Rural Happy Region
Pander vs Kable
Use aggregate with formula and xtabs
Integrated in one file, self-contained
Doorae Report in BW
tables reformatted with panderOptions("table.split.table", Inf)
Doorae Report in Colour
table reformatted with panderOptions("table.split.table", Inf)
Doorae Data Explained
Doorae data cleaning process explained
Doorae Data Cleaning for Windows 7
Data reading and cleaning process for windows 7
Doorae Data Analysis for Windows 7
for windows 7 and Korean character set system CP949
quiz and ggplot added
Wilkinson data on inequality
2014 data added
Quiz on 10/12 updated.
Quiz 10/12
Quiz 10/12 analyzed
Gini_OECD 1012
ggplots added
OECD Gini Coefficients
OECD Gini Coefficients compared with minor corrections
Quiz 10/07
10/07 quiz responses are analyzed
Quiz 10/05
Reanalyzed with dates corrected.
crimtab analysis 1007
Curves are added
Crimtab data with ggplot
Mathematical Foundation chapter 4 class material
zmPDSwR Chapter 4
Quiz results on 9/30.
Data cleaning process
Analysis on the amount of reading, etc
National and Local tax ratio, etc.
A new comer added
New comer added
in black and white
두레공동체 현황자료 분석
Reading Survey Data Analysis
Korean national survey on reading
Practical Data Science with R Chapter 3 Part I
Matrix algebra with R chapter 3 class materials
Class data on literacy test
Lifetable Korea
1970 vs 2013
Comparison with Halley's. Annotation with Korean fonts.
Graunt Lifetable Extended
Plus us 1993 lifetable for comparison.
Chapter 2 class
Class materials for matrix algebra for statistics
Statistics in Real Life Course class profile
통계 수리적기초 2장 연습문제 풀이
통계 수리적 기초 II 제 2 장 내용.
zmPDSwR Chapter 3 Part II updated
Chapter 3 Part II
zmPDSwR Chapter 3 Part II
Chapter 2 updated
Chapter 2 updated with tbl.df and stat="identity"
zmPDSwR Chapter_2
German bank credit dataset
zmPDSwR_Chapter 1
Class_1502_Monty and Default Effects
Case studies in Statistical Data Analysis class performed an experiment of default effects problem. The results are analyzed with R.
Graunt Life Table Extended
With US 1993 lifetable for comparison and ggplot added
Chapter 1 with R implementation
extrafont to use Hangul fonts
Statistics in Real Life class profile
Chapter 1 Lab
Solve matrix problems using R.
Chap 01 Class Materials
Contents of Chapter 1 in R form
Graunt Life Table 150902
1993 US data are added for comparison.
Matrix Algebra Exercises
Descriptive Analysis of Doorae Data
Descriptive Analysis of Doorae Project
chocolate experiment
East and West 201402
East and West data
Big 5 Personality and Multiple Intelligence are aggregated
Graunt's Life Table
Number of Deaths by horsekick
UCBAdmissions and Smoking vs Survival data are analyzed from Simpson's paradox' view
Table and Data Frame
From contingency table to data frame with counts and long format of data frame with cases, various R facilities are used.
Wilkinson USA case added
In addition to OECD data, USA case is added.
Korean Presidential Election Poll in 1987
Gallup's poll data are used to predict 1987 presidential election.
Gini coefficients of OECD countries are analyzed.
Lorenz Curve and Gini Coefficient for Piketty Data
R functions are developed to draw Lorenz curve and Gini Coefficient for Piketty data.
US top income shares up to 2013
US top income shares from 1913 to 2013 are plotted using plot()
Income Inequality vs Index of Health and Social Problems
Equality Trust's Data on income inequality vs index of health and social problems are plotted with variety of information
Drawing Lifetable
Graphic Analysis of Pick-It Lottery Data
Histograms and Scatter Diagrams are sued to display the relationship between numbers drawn and payoffs.
Anscombe's Quartet
Anscombe's quartet is analyzed using R
Statistical Methods Midterm
Midterm exam using R
Fitting Normal Distribution
Fitting normal distribution to Quetelet's chest circumference data
crimtab_student simulation
Student's simulation on McDonnell's Criminal data are done with R.
rn96 data and Quetelet's Chest circumference data are analyzed using various methods
Case of Pictogram found in plot of Korean mean income with respect to median Income ratio data from SERI report.
Red and Black randomization experiment results are analyzed in various ways.
Titanic Data Analysis
Using apply() and barplot(), Titanic data are analysed.
Korea Income Distribution (2012)
Korea income distribution is analysed using barplot()
NDI composition analysis
Using plot(), changes in korean NDI composition are analysed.
Red and black randomization experiment data will be analyzed in various many ways
Red and Black experiment results analyzed by t.test
Randomization Experiment from Class Roll
literacy test results summary
literacy test results are analysed with various R functions
tests_of_normailty updated
Code simplified.
crimtab_graphics updated
Details are updated.
Cushny and Peebles's data
Using t.test and some plots to analyse sleep data.
ZeaMays Data Analysis
t.test, wilcox.test will be performed on ZeaMays Data
crimtab data analysis
Data management on McDonnel's crimtab data
Graphic Analysis of King Sejong's Poll Data
Using pie(), barplot(), mosaicplot(), analysis on King Sejong's national poll data is performed.
King Sejong's Poll on Tax Reform
Analyse King Sejong's poll data using pie() and barplot()
Student simulation on crimtab data
Reconstruction fo student's simulation on crimtab data
Graphic analysis on crimtab data
Graphic analysis of crimtab data
Graphic analysis on Student's crimtab data
Student Crimtab Data
Resolving p-value problem by hand.
Newly added parts only
lottery data analysis enhanced with boxplots
Poll on Tax System by King Sejong
Using xtabs(), and dotchart, try to describe King Sejong's poll.
Goodness of Fit Test
chi-square tests are applied to matching problem data and lottery.number
Graphic Analysis of Pick-it Lottery Data
Analysis of King Sejong's poll data
Population and Households in Chosun Dynasty
Plot of Population and Households in Chosun Dynasty
Using curve( ) with fewer lines than with lines()
Using package 'nortest' to rn96 data and Quetelet's Chest Circumference data
Quetelet's Scottish Soldiers
Fitting normal distribution on Quetelet's chest circumference data
A revision of BMI.html. Tests for normality added.
A revision of anscombe.Rmd. XQuartz package is updated.
Quetelet's Body Mass Index
Quetelet's Body Mass Indices are computed, and stem-and leaf plot is drawn. qqnorm() applied.
Anscombe's Quartet
R works to draw Anscombe's quartet in R.