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Leaflet testing
Expense vs Road Length (Correlation)
Scatter plot for all 198 wards, total expense vs total road length. In addition color of point denotes: Political Party. Size: ex Mayor (large size) In addition we see the fitted curve & correlation coeff.
Normalised Road expenses in last 5 years
Normalised expenses means Expenses per km or road existing in the ward.
Road Expenses (per kms of roads int he ward)
Unit expenses (Expenses per kms) on roads
Montreal Elections
Ward Budgets 2019-20
BBMP Budget for FY 2019-20, ward wise
Expenses on Roads, Drains and Footpaths
Expenses over 2015 to 2020
Budget utilisation
Utlisation of BBMP Budget from 2015-16 to 2019-20
Bangalore ward maps
Payment delays
Dot plot of projects 10L to 1 Cr in value
Projects between the value of 10L to 1 Crores and who have data stamp availability for FINISHED DATE and PAID DATE in all 4 combinations. The points are shown in jitter mode to expose the density of the projects every year.
ward 100 to 120
Expense to Approved amounts
Sample of 10 wards plotted on Net Spent year on year vs approved amounts on the same job numbers that were undertaken.
We are using this to test our citation function
Plot - test
for checking attendance overlaps
Magma colours
Testing the publishing
Shift duty visualisation
Shift duty rosters can be published using spreadsheets but then the actual IN and OUT of an employee is the difficult thing to track - even if they are electronically checked in and out. The data is immense and difficult to visualise in relation to each other. These duty hours line charts are simple to understand and give immediate insights.
Seems a hack attempt from Macau
these mysql logs include all SELECT statements of jupiter along with APIs that start around 22:44
these logs are combined logs for 10 minutes of API firing as well as MySQL: including ejabberd and jupiter_dev
combined_log with xmpp
These logs have all UPDATE, INSERT including XMPP MySQL,. Note: We are truncating the scripts at 40 char.
API log merged with MySQL log
xmpp error log
filtered on mysql
last 100 queries
Listing of topics and subtopics in class id 22
R api logs
R API flooding
api logs - 26 july 2017
These are sample logs captured
APi flood
with color text
TIme plot of API counts
How to add more levels to a factor without changing the original levels
This doc explains when you are capturing data and you know you are going to grow a variable into many levels, how do you maintain the old factors.
just a simple histogram