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Writing Functions
T-test Practical
IIRS Assignments
Elevation Assessment
Resampling Method
Resampling Method under the Book " Introduction to Statistical Learning with R"
R for Data Science (Tutorial)
Giang du lieu
Survey with nothing
Việt Bắc
R Basics from scratch :)
Cán Bộ
Land Relocation Relationship
Dataset used in this study was a survey study coducted in ThaiNguyen. If someone wants to use it, please send me an email
R for Spatial data 3
Spatial Point Density: Part 1
Linear Regression Model Part 1
Tiblle Practices
R For Data Science: Part 1
Decision tree problem
Land Cover Area from Landsat
Subsampling the Landsat datatset
Ggplot2:Part 3
Poverty Rate Distribution Map of Vietnam
Data used in producing this map is sourced from Ministry of Labour and Social Walfare
Leaflet Practice
Distribution plots
Practice Apply family methods
This practice is partially referenced from rpub users.
Dplyr Practice: Session 2
Cleaning Data Practice Part 1
How to use cut method
English Sentence
This practice introduces four basic types of English sentence, which are useful for academic purpose.
How to handle missing data
Using simple R functions to replace missing data with another values like mean or median
Dply Package: Data Manipulation
This small practice is focused on the use of dplyr package with a wealth of functions and examples. Although this exercise was based on the format instructed by `Data School`, I contributed few personal experience to the code style
Decision Tree, Random Forest, Logistic and K-NN models
This materials and practices are based on course "Machine Learning A to Z" at
How to split a complex column
Data used in this section was collected from website called ""
Linear Regression Practice
Data used in this assignment were from Udemy website
Distribution of Ser, New Zealand
This data used in this map was from Yuni, a PhD student at Massey University If you want to use this data, please get permission from me or her email:
Spatial Data Practice: Basics
R Basics
Spatial Data with R: Part 1
Simple Linear Regression Practice 1
Another resources:
Stringr Practice
Dplyr Practice
Change levels labels
ggplot 2 assignment
Practice to use ggplot2
Visualization with base R
Visualization with base R
Simple Linear Regression: Practice 1
Simple Linear Regression
Tidying dataset with tidyr and dplyr
Using tidyr and dplyr to clean untidy data
The distribution of Ser
The map is displayed the distribution of ser in New Zealand
Massey University
Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ
How to adjust the position of ggplot title
This is sometimes necessary to adjust the position of ggplot title
Practice2: Ggplot2
Visualization with ggplot2
Practice 1
tidyr package practice