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Bayesian Regression Movie Analysis
Bayesian Regression Analysis on a data set of 651 movies. Used to find out which factors are most important in audience rating (as determined by Rotten Tomatoes). Also, predictive to find out the audience score for a new movie.
SF and Seattle Brief Crime Visualization
Done for University of Washington Data Science at Scale Specialization. Visuals comparisons of Crime in SF and Seattle by Crime Type and Time of Day. Theft/Fraud much more likely in Seattle than SF.
NLP Text Prediction
R Presentation describing how to use and the methods of the Text Prediction Application I built for the Data Science Capstone Project.
Swift Key Data Exploration
Initial Data Exploration of Swift Key.
MPG Prediction Presentation
Describes the how to use and the methodology behind the Shiny Application (MPG Prediction) created by Wesley E for Data Products Project in the Johns Hopkins Data Science Coursera Course.
Reproducible Research Assignment 2: Analysis of Storm Data
Synopsis We examine NOAA Storm data to determine what kinds of storms are most destructive both in terms of human health and in terms of economic costs.